Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sneak Peak ~ Bears In Bloom

It's almost time ~
For the Spring Bears In Bloom Show!!!

We are FINALLY allowed to show you ONE of our three bears that will be in the show ~ Each of the 75 artists in the show has three bears to offer and you can also go to the site now to see a sneak peak of one of each of their bears that will be up for adoption.

The bear I am showing you today is a mini geisha called Lemon Drop. She wears her handmade obi with tiny hand cut flowers and beading. She is made of a beautiful lemon sparse mohair and had black glass eyes.  Her nose is embroidered and waxed. She is tiny enough to have been born from a blooming flower.

Seraphim Bears will be offering two others and one is of my latest design and both are full size. It's almost time... March 12th & 13th!! I will also have $50 and under treasures for you to enjoy!

And MORE good news:  A possible 3 out of 5 Seraphim Bears were adopted  at the Winter Bear Fest through Silly Bears! We are just waiting for the payments to clear to confirm all and I am not even sure myself which three sold but I will let you know as soon as I know!

I am on pins and needles here in anticipation of the release of the new design! I cannot wait to share her with you, with her hand dyed mohair and felted face... and what about her big footed sister with handmade silk flowers...

It's but a few more days and I just know you're going to LOVE what you see!

Have a wonderful day!