Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jillian Michaels meets Weight Watchers

So last night after a busy Saturday at work I came home and decided to try my Jillian Michaels Fat Burn DVD again. I took a day off after the last attempt to get my guts up to face her again. The good thing is, I am a bit competitive. I say "good thing" because it's what pushes me to ALWAYS do my very best at all that I do... including my bears.

So anyway: I decided that I would attempt this workout again. "ATTEMPT? ATTEMPT? You are not here to phone this one in! You start strong and you finish strong!" I could hear Jillian saying (in my head) There is nothing that bothers Jillian more than someone who starts strong and craps out at the end of the workout.

So I made her a deal... I will promise to finish as strong as I can JILLIAN. That means that I will have to PACE myself through the workout until I get stronger.

So my goal this day was to not stop! That is the best I can do! Maybe on the Burpies... did I mention that currently I HATE BURPIES? Maybe on the burpies I will have to step out and in and not jump but I will NOT STOP. On mountain climbers I might have to do leg lifts and reaches only and not run like a mad woman the entire time. But I WILL NOT STOP. I also promised that if I had extra energy at the end of the workout I would not hold back. I would give it my all on the last sets and yes... I would run like a mad woman. Well... my curtains are closed... I am not going to offend anyone!

I decided that if Jillian were here with me she would agree that this was a GREAT next step.

So that was the goal and that is basically what I did. Okay I had to stop for a second to take a few sips of water here and there but I kept going. Now I don't know that right now I can do this every day ... Jillian wants me to do this every day. She is like that new friend who wants you to be around them all the time but you have other stuff to do... like make bears, feed the babies, feed your husband... etc. But she's right too, you DO have to make time for you. 

It's like the airline Stuarts say, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then assist the others. 

Okay so the oxygen mask is on and I will attempt this workout as often as possible. That means at least 3 times a week for now and if I am up to it I will scream with Jillian some more!

Did you know that Jillian use to be a big gal?

WOW, If she can do that so can I... right? I AM older than her however so maybe a bit more time will be needed but I am feelin it now. I am getting stronger and my mind is too. I am focused and ready for this. I even declined a birthday dinner for myself. My birthday is still a ways away but I'm planning ahead. My husbands birthday is nearly here and already I have purchased my Smart Ones dessert for that night so while they are eating cake I can still indulge a bit without blowing it!

Now I started this some time ago but fell off the wagon. Then the wagon came around again and this time it had some of my family members on it... my Mum and my cousin. My cousin has lost 17 pounds now and my Mum was jumpin on and off that wagon so I thought I better get back on to get her back on too. So we are all doing our own version of incorporating exercise into our lives but we are all on the new points plus Weight Watchers plan.

I like this plan a lot. I did weight watchers before but this time I joined online and I have a tracker that is a hard copy too.. that works best for me as I do not have access to my computer during the day when I am working.

For inspiration on a daily basis there is the beautiful and talented Jennifer Hudson:

Now that is a before and after baby! I find this very inspirational. I am adopting Jennifer into my sisterhood and using her to help me stay on track!

I also purchased a subscription for my Mum and me to Weight Watchers magazine. It is a FABULOUS magazine even if you are not on WW. I have found some excellent recipes in this magazine and made some to keep my eating exciting. I will be posting those recipes and photos under the CHOW page on this blog. Just go to the top of the blog and click the CHOW button to see the most delicious low fat stuff available.

Now, I have to tell you, I love food and don't like to be hungry. But I am also not a NO FAT gal. I have looked at those packages and cannot even pronounce the ingredients so I alter the recipes to have the same amount of points but I use LOW FAT not no fat. I think it's better so just be aware of that in my recipes.

So ... that's the scoop so far. I have lost 5 pounds to date and my next weigh in is this Monday. I'll come back with word on the progress soon. I think I will see Jillian tonight but maybe not till tomorrow night... I'll have to see how much she is screaming at me by the end of the day today.


  1. Congratulations on loosing some pounds. It sounds really hard work - but well worth it?
    Keep it up girl!
    ps - what are burpies?!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Abi! I have posted the answer to your question for everyone to read. It was a good question!

  3. Good luck with both Jillian and WW. I hate burpies too - ugh!

  4. What a beautiful blog u have! Keep up the good work! I admire Jillian a lot too and found your blog actually looking for her pictures on google :)