Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back from the TBAI show

Hello everyone:

I am back from the TBAI show that was hosted in Binghamton NY. It was a fabulous show and we are happy to announce that many bears were adopted to many really lovely new homes! There was so much to do and see and participate in I am exhausted. I met many new friends like, Susan and Ian from Kesseys Bears in from north Wales, Katherine and her other half from Katie Rae Bears in from the UK, Lulu Tatum from Lulu's Bears, Tracy Lee from ThimbleBeary Originals, Vicki and Pat from Raspberies, Betty J. Franks from BJ's Bears, Dian Pete from Bears for Pete's Sake, Cindy McGuire from China Cupboard Bears, Dolores from Bearied Treasures and so so many other wonderful artist not to mention all the new collectors that I met!

I will have photos for you up really soon. With 10 hours of driving under my belt, and having been away for four days I must attend to my family! I have missed them terribly and they me... as my puppies showed me with wagging tails and whining voices for 10 straight minutes when I came in the door. My little guys are attached to me at the hip currently and hubby is waiting to snuggle on the couch!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I will have some bears up for adoption in just a few days! See you tomorrow.


  1. Hi Michele,

    It was a real pleasure meeting you at last. I am glad to see you enjoyed your first TBAI. I hope you'll return for another show. There's nothing quite like it. One thing I'll remember about you is that every time we crossed paths, you always had a smile on your face!


  2. It was great seeing you at the show! :)

  3. It was so nice to meet you and your lovely bears. Hero is snuggling in with all the other critters. He sure is a sweet bear...I'm so happy he's come to live with us. :0)

  4. It was so good to meet you and your lovely bears. I'm so happy that Hero has come to live with us....he's a very sweet bear. :0)

  5. Thank you Theresa! I am simply thrilled that Hero found you as his new forever Mum. It was apparent how you two fell in love instantly. Please keep in touch.

    Tyler it was wonderful meeting you also! I simply adore your stuffies and your bears of course... that goes without saying! I hope we shall see each other again next year and please keep in touch. You were refreshing and fun to talk with!

  6. Ginger I already wrote to you personally but I don't want to leave you out on my blog! It was great meeting you and we still really need to discuss how it is that you got the treats from Harrods! I must try them! Hahahaha