Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Website

Hi everyone:

Just thought I would let you all know that my new website is now up and running. I'm sure there will be some tweaking as we go along but I am thrilled to finally have it ready for you to see. I hope you will take a minute to visit.

I am just about to go downstairs and pack for the TBAI show ... it's hard to believe that the time is almost her for us to head out onto the road for our journey to Binghamton, NY. The bears are ready, the pirate stuff is ready and we are almost completely ready. My Mum will be attending the show with me and we are really looking forward to seeing you there. I'm grabbing the very exciting itinerary and heading down to organize... see you soon!


  1. Have fun at TBAI - remember, we want pics, especially of the pirate party!

  2. It is beautiful. Your have made it easy and inviting.

  3. Thanks Joanne! And yes Kathy I will most definitely be posting a ton of photos!