Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pirates and Parrots

Ahoy me heartys:

With a theme likes pirates you can imagine how fun the costumes were... but why leave it to the imagination

Me and my Parrot
My Mum after she received her tattoo!

Tracy Lee and Family... do you know I talked to Tracy throughout the weekend but this was the first night there and it took me till I got home to realize that this was her! Awesome costumes!

Dancing to the YMCA...

My favourite hat of the weekend

See that BIG bag... inside was a parrot egg and she was dressed as a parrot with fabulous wings!
If you were lucky enough to find her other half you could adopt a bird. You got a little egg that you opened and inside was either a boy or girl rubber ducky. It had a name and if you wanted you could change that name on your adoption paper that came with your bird! I got a boy... his name is Merl!

There was a stage filled with teddy bear pirates...

And lots of loot too...

Here is a lady who was throwing away money coins all night speaking of loot! She was fabulous! And of course the lovely and talented Darlene Allen from Raspbeary Bears

One of the raffle bears

This bear was on the sneak peek table the first night... please let me know if you know who the artist was! He is fabulous!

Check out those costumes ! Fabulous!

Captain Jack Bearrow by Sharron Barron... he stole my heart from the first time I saw him online...
He was to be auctioned off the night of the dinner.

 Here is the lovely and talented Sharron Barron with me saying hello to Captain Jack!

An excerpt from my Bear journal:

on the night of the dinner:

After we got through all the draws it was time for the auction of the two beautiful pieces of work by two different artists. One was a gorgeous miniature Hansel and Gretel set. The next was a beautiful pirate bear that was created by Sharron Barron of Barron's Bears.  The auctioneer (Martha Burch of Martha's Bears) started the bidding request and so I raised my hand to get things going. Then it took off like wild fire... bids being yelled from here and over there. Then suddenly it stopped...
This bear was worth far more and my heart began to race... should I bid again? 
Then I heard "Yep" just like Dave from "Storage Wars". And suddenly I realized that "Yep" came from me!
I am thrilled to say that this beautiful bear is now a member of my hug and was welcomed with open paws by all his brothers and sisters. 
Thank you Sharron for such a beautiful creation. He sits in a place of honour in my home.


  1. Wow Michelle, you actually look very pretty as a pirate, so does everyone else.
    The lady with Darlene in Armella Dana.
    The bear belongs to Ron and Kristy Northman. I think this is a bear that won an award this weekend. There is a picture of them, right after the bear picture.
    This show looks like so much fun. Will you go again? I hope someday I will get there.

  2. Oh yes, and one more thing. Your new friend, the one that followed you home is stunning. You are one lucky lady.

  3. Thank you on all accounts Joanne! Yes I will be attending the show next year also. I very much look forward to meeting you at some point. It is a fabulous show and not to be missed!

  4. Yes I would have to agree with you on Captain Jack... he is absolutely fabulous!

  5. Oooh arrrr, fabulous costumes me hearties! Love the bears too, and congrats on your latest adoption :o)

  6. hi michelle!
    you and kay look awesome in your costumes as usual!
    much love,

  7. Oh, Michele!!! I'm SO happy for you! Since we opted out of the feast on Friday night, I never found out who had the winning bid for Captain Jack. I'm SO glad that it was you--he is absolutely FABULOUS!

    I'm also glad that you will be attending TBAI next year. I'm planning on it as well, so I'll be able to see you again and spend more time with you!


    P.S. Don't worry about not recognizing Tracy Lee. It took me until Friday to figure it out!