Monday, August 15, 2011

TBAI #1 - The Gallery night

The opening night Gala:

There are so many photos to show and so very many artists. Please do not take offence if you are not shown here... as a matter of fact... my entry is not about to be shown here... hahahaha

The room was filled with excitement and magic was in the air! The collectors and artists alike were bustling about looking for that perfect bear. We were all casting our votes on which bears we thought were the best of the best and let me tell you, the choice was not an easy one to make!

Many of us came in full costume - Pirates and landlubbers were everywhere and the atmosphere was like a ship about to enter a stormy sea... we were ready for the challenge and all hands were on deck!

Cheryl Hutchinson

Cindy MaGuire

Allen Hsu

Armelia Dana

Barbara Burke

Bev White

Dianna Watts

Cindy working away as usual! She put on a fabulous show! Thank you Cindy for all your hard work! It truly paid off!

Okay I guess I should really post a shot of my entry... hahahaha

Michele Seraphim (that's me) hahaha

Many of my bears found their new homes but Magic has not found her forever home yet so I will be listing her shortly! All the detail of this very special Fairy Godmother bear will be listed at that time.

More to come but for now I am off to spend some time with my family! Be back soon with more from the show!


  1. Hi Michele,

    I did not take many, if any, photos of the gallery pieces so I'm glad you did. I can direct people this way if they are curious. Great photos. Those are some amazing pieces, aren't they?


  2. Yes they were all stunning! I have yours somewhere on this camera of mine too... it will be a few days before I get everything posted but it will be a fun few days of posts for everyone I hope!

  3. I love your entry. She is darling in her little dress and hat.