Saturday, August 6, 2011

A New Blog - Coming to you soon

Hello everyone:

As I mentioned before I have been rather busy lately. I created a new website and new blog images and I made a lot of decisions to streamline things for all of you. If you are interested in healthy living and want to continue following my journey in that, I have created a new blog called "Seraphim's Diner - a journey into healthy living". I have literally just finished the preliminary set up so there is not much going on yet but you can join so you will know as soon as I do post something.

Just pop on over to Seraphim's Diner - a journey into healthy living to find really wonderful healthy recipes, hear about new exercises and programs that I am experiencing or to find great information on nutrition and health in general.

From this point forward Seraphim Bears blog will be just that... about me, my family and the bears and our journey together so if that is more up your alley then just stay right here.

I hope you will enjoy all the new changes and I'll see you really soon

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