Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Halloween To Remember

When we moved to our little town 5 years ago we were so excited to be away from the big city and so excited to show off our love for Halloween. For those of you who are new to my blog, my husband and I were both Special Effects artists for the film industry in Toronto Ontario Canada. I was also the head of the hair department for an International film school called Complections International Academy of Makeup... check that out if you want to see some truly amazing makeup~~~~

Anyway, we were sooooo excited to set up our house and really show off... well as it turned out this was a Halloween to remember because we stayed out most of the night with spooky sounds playing and I sat waiting in our shed that we had all done up as a witches magic shop. All the candy was organized into jars that said things like eyeballs, fingers etc. We all dressed up even to the point that my husband was on his stilts all night... we had a great graveyard that J made all the grave stones for himself and awesome pumpkins that we spent hours carving... and that was the year Martha Steward first came out with the idea of the silhouettes and so we cut out a huge Witch that we drew ourselves and we had mice in the windows and on the outside stairs and we had two wooden silhouette cats too. It was so WICKED and we were sooooo excited ...

And no one showed up!... so sad! And it has never changed... not ever. SO now we just watch a scary movie, put on a nice dinner and that's about it.

So here is our Halloween to Remember: Welcome my guests

~Even My Mother In Law joined in the fun~

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