Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween ~ Congratulations to our WINNER ~ Penny!

Happy All Hallows Eve everyone:

I started my day today the way ever Halloween should start! With a large piece of Chocolate cake for breakfast!

Then I went to find my cup of names of all who joined in on the FREE GIVEAWAY of the 8 oz Circle Of Brooms room spray

Then I wispered good luck to all the entries and dumped them into my cauldron...

I waved my magic wand and gave them all a big stir...
And called for the Warlock to join me to draw the winning name...

There is was... oh who could it be...
the tension was high and we tittered with glee...

And just as it should be...
A lucky Penny did win!

Congratulations to Penny from Palaver From Pellie & Genghis Khat!

I had a wonderful dinner posted by another blogger that I will share with you tomorrow but now I must got to see one of the local houses who gets a ton of children and really does the house up right.
They also collect food for Gleaners so we can share a little love with those in need!

Congratulations again Penny!... you were the lucky penny I found today!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Michele,
    I am do excited. I hardly ever win anything.

    Thank you so much.