Wednesday, October 13, 2010

URSA Winners Package arrived TODAY!

I recieved my package today in the mail from Valerie at Bears and Buds Magzine for the URSA awards win with my "Stevie" bear! What a WONDERFUL package of goodies! Thank you again to all of you who voted and thank you to Valerie for putting on such a fun and challenging contest!

As you can see.... the chocolate did not make it to the photo without being opened! Heheheee


  1. One of the most wonderful bears I have ever seen! Congrats, my dear... simply stunning!!!

    I had to giggle for the chocolate thingie... I wouldn't be able to wait either :O)

    Tons of bear hugs to you and "Stevie", Biene

  2. Wow! that bear was so cute. I love it. Congratulations to you.

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  3. Congratulations on your URSA Win! We love seeing your beautiful bears and do hope that you compete next year. We have so much fun wrapping all the awards, gifts and surprises! I'm thinking about next year....what about you?
    Bearhugs, Valerie