Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Postcard or Not To Postcard

Hello everyone:

After long contemplation as to why someone might want to promote themselves with a postcard as opposed to just a business card I have come to this conclusion:

When I get home from a show I ALWAYS have a handful of cards from all the booths that I liked and some that I truly loved... and then there are always the few that just get forced on you. So when I get home the madness ensues of trying to remember who each card belonged to. I mean there is only so much information one can put on a card.

With a postcard however one can include a picture! A picture is worth a thousand words right... well that is what I am hoping anyway. I have come home with a few postcards over the past few years and I really like that I remember the booth theycame from immediately without having to look them up on the Internet which takes time and for me often days and sometimes weeks to get through.

So after long contemplation and thought I decided to take the plunge and design a postcard for the up and coming Teddy Bear Christmas show this November. I hope you like it!

I haven't finished the back yet but here's the front!

ooooh and you get a sneak peak at a few of the bears that are ready for the show too! Lucky ducks you!

See my NEW mini pug dog design! I am sooooo happy with this little one named Cotton Candy! Reminds me of my little man... we are influenced by what we love!


  1. You know I never thought about this before but you are so right. I do think that I will have some made for the show I am doing in May.

  2. Your Card design looks lovely. I always keep the ones I pick up at shows.

  3. I think the postcard is a wonderful looks awesome.