Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh Darn and What a great show!

Oh darn, I hurt my back today at the gym! It's really sore but tomorrow I have to work so better get better fast.Took some anti inflammatory and have been taking it easy as best I can. It's a bit hard to breath but it seems to be getting a bit better. The manager at the gym seem to think I popped a rib... yikes! Anyway, I have unfortunately felt this before and seem to remember it getting better in a few days so lets hope!

I spent the day today... after the gym, Jointing some new bears and thankfully yesterday I did all the laundry, cooking and cleaning. I priced all the bears for the show and got all their tags on AND got them packed. I have just two bears left to take pictures of and then pack them and I'll be pretty much set for the November show. I don't like to do things last minutes as you might be able to see.

I went to the Creative Sewing Festival this weekend and minus the fact that I left my new favourite shirt on a chair there, everything was really fun. I was so lucky to not only have one bear supplier there but also found another... you don't want to know how much I spent on my mohair!!! But I will say that I got some gorgeous stuff and already am anxious to get started on making those into bears. That mohair will be for the spring and possibly winter shows in 2011.

Anyway here are some photos I took with my small point and shoot camera of the show: 

I took these photos of this beautiful polar bear for reference and thought I would share them with all my other bear maker friends out there in blog land so his life would not have been taken so much in vain. I am not sure what the circumstances were for this bear but I was grateful to see him so close and really take a look at his fur and claws, the soft curves of his back and beautiful face! Maybe you can all use these for reference for pattern making also.

Then there was Bears and Bedtime bear supplies located out of Alberta for all you Canadian bear makers who are looking for a good supplier where I purchased some of my mohair

We enjoyed evil pizza for lunch as I knew I was starting my new CURVES eating plan today

The place was packed with people and there were classes and exhibits everywhere.
There was also more animals, a muskox and a wolf

So thats it for today as I cannot sit here any longer. I'll have more fun tomorrow!
I just cannot wait to share more with you!

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  1. My god what beautiful animals!!!
    Hope your back get better really quick....nothing worse!
    Hugs Lindax