Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanks Giving Layer Dip

So I thought I would share with you today a layer dip that I have created for our Thanksgiving dinner that we are enjoying today. This dip cuts out a ton of the calories of regular layer dips and also adds a TON of fiber!

Did you know that Avocado's have the most soluble fiber of any fruit? And the fat that they contain is healthy and they are super high in potassium! So we won't be skipping the guacamole today! Good thing too cause that's my favorite part!

So Here we go... Layer dip with all the fabulous flavour and low fat high fiber... can you REALLY have it all? YES you bet you can!

So today I am going to start this dip with the Guacamole layer however if you like beans.. which I do but my Father In Law does not so I have eliminated the first layer for him, you can create a bean layer fist. I don't like refried beans so I use white beans with a little lemon and a tiny bit of lite mayonnaise... say 1 can of beans to tsp of lemon and tbs of mayo. blend and spread on the bottom of your container. Honestly I don't even thing your guests will know it's beans on the bottom and you will be infusing them with tons of fiber!!! Awesome!!!

That brings me to my fist layer the avocado and I should also mention that this dip is really well presented when you use a clear glass dish so your guests can enjoy the beautiful colours of the layers!

I used 3 avocados
2 tbsp of lite Miracle Whip (it has more zip than mayo)
2 tsp of lemon juice or you can use lime if you like that better
You can also add 1/4 cup or red onion (optional)
2 tsp chopped garlic

Now here's the sneaky part...

I also add 1 cup of baby peas! This adds fiber and it keeps your guacamole GREEN!
Now blend all that together until smooth but a bit chunky too.

Now smooth that into your tray being careful not to mess up the sides of your pan...
you want all your layers to show as you build this dip!

For your next layer use

1 cup of 5% sour cream... I don't like the no fat stuff... it looses it's texture and besides, have you ever read the ingredients label of that one? I have a rule... If you can't say it don't eat it!

1 container of low fat garden vegetable cream cheese

1 tsp low sodium taco seasoning... have you ever seen how much salt is in taco seasoning... be careful and make your dip tasty without a ton of salt... trust me, you don't need it!

1/2 cup of lite mayo

Blend all together and VERY CAREFULLY smooth this layer onto your last layer

Next Layer is your Salsa layer... you can make it from scratch or purchase some

Once again watch those labels... you would not believe the amount of sodium they add into these premade salsas! Find a low sodium salsa instead as we could all due with a lot less salt!

WOW... it's really starting to look gorgeous now!

Next is your loose cheese layer. Find your favorite lite cheese and shred. Sprinkle over the top making a nice layer of colour... I like to use a two tone cheddar!

We are almost done... hang in there, it's gonna be worth it in the end!

Now we need to chop up our veggies for the top to add.. yes... MORE fiber but also colour and flavour

I like to use Orange and yellow pepper and green onion... but I only cut up the green chive part not the actual onion. Keep your pieces nice and small so your guests can get a bit of everything on each chip!

We need just a bit more colour so lets add that fresh tomato... choose your favorite kind! Chop it up into small cubes!

And finally stick in a couple nice chips in the centre right before serving for a nice finished look!
Dig in and enjoy... guilt free too!

I plan to serve this with two different kinds of chips, one blue corn and one yellow corn and both are organic, plus we will make some toasted pitas and cut them into small triangles for dipping. We use small whole wheat pita and lightly brush it with lite olive oil and infused with fresh garlic! You can add a LITTLE sea salt on these if you need some. Be careful when you are toasting these, it goes from "they are not toasting" to "Oh shoot... thier burned" in the blink of an eye! Don't walk away from that stove!

Have a very Happy Canadian Thanks Giving Tomorrow... I cannot believe this has to sit over night in my fridge without me having even a tiny little bite! Boo Whoooo!

I also really love numbers...
toady is 10 / 10/ 10...
I believe it's a lucky day...


  1. I love this recipe. I am going to try it out. I make one similar but with a lot more fat. Love healthy.

  2. It's really Yummy Joanne! I love to try to figure out a healthier way to make our old favorites! I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Looks delicious! How did it taste?

  4. It was delicious and a BIG hit... you must try it! But be warned.. it's filling and could be a meal on it's own.. we almost spoiled our turkey dinner!