Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sharing Space with Bones

Well, I thought if I am ever going to share the bones that I live with, with you then it best be now when its Halloween... although I live with these on a daily basis. As some of you may have read previously my husband collects skulls so I live surrounded by them and have grown rather attached to all my bone daddies in this house and even at work!

I have taken the time to create a collage for you so it would not be too scary! Hehehehe

There are candle holders, bottles, glasses, juggling balls, magnets, shirts, statues, boxes, skull statues, sketches, tables, grocery bags, night lights and even old business cards! And I realized today that I forgot the tattoos! Hahahaha

Okay enough of that; I also wanted to share with you the wine label I designed this year, just for a bit of fun!

I haven't forgotten about the pictures I promised to show you of some of the makeups we have done for films including scary monsters etc... I am just not sure how to post some of them without scaring anyone so I have to figure that out first. I might have to do another collage and just show parts or maybe I just won't be able to show you those ones. Maybe I will find the fake tattoos and prettier makeups if I can instead.

Today we head out to a live wresting match and I am sure I will get some fun and interesting photos there to share with you at some point. We have to drive to another city to see this but my J has been watching wrestling since he was a little boy with his grandmother. He knows everything about story lines and characters etc. ... 
It's actually quite interesting if you can get past the blood.


The things we do for love! Hahahahahaha

Hoping you all have a wonderful day... I'll be back tomorrow with the announcement for the winner of the Circle Of Brooms room spray.


  1. I have a skull collecting hubby too :-)

  2. Creepy collection, great for Halloween, but I don't know about the rest of the year. For some reason I see this clashing with the simple 50's style you like so much. Unless of course you are living in a house like the "Munsters"
    I love the wine bottle. What a great label.

  3. Hahahaha, it's always fun to hear what someone else thinks. I DO love the 40's style but I am a movie special effects makeup artist too so I do have that spooky Adams Family thing about me. Morticia was a classy lady who I think would love to cuddle with a teddy bear but her best friends were still Lurch, cousin It and uncle Fester. I can see the beauty in the macabre as well as the beautiful pin up girl next door.

    The skulls are so spread out in here that you don't really notice that there are a ton of them. I had to hunt most of them down for the photos but I will say this...

    If I ever won the lotto... my house would look like a cross between the Adams family home and Practical Magic... I however would be the 40's style Morticia! Hahahahahaha