Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Bear For Haiti

Hello Everyone:

I have been working to get my photos all cleared out of my computer and organized onto discs. It's a job I like to get done at least once a year and will be trying my best to keep it in order this year and not let it pile up. It took hours and hours to get finished today but finally it is done.

My photo class has started and I completed my first photo shoot of my new bear that will be up for auction by February and the photos turned out very lovely! I think finally I will be able to reflect the beauty of the bear through a photo.

In that I have also rephotographed another bear that I had up for auction for a while but the photos were not doing her justice. Now that I have a few beautiful images of her I will be relisting her by this weekend and 100% of the proceeds from her adoption will be going to the Red Cross for Haiti! I hope you will all take a moment to visit the auction and maybe even adopt this pretty bear.

My last note for tonight is this... I have yet another bear in the works and she will be the first in a new series of bears that I intend to continue making. I made her hat from scratch yesterday and my husband hand sculpted her nose so it fits just right. I use Apoxy Sculpt for the noses as Sculpy and Fimo dry out within a few short years and tend to crack and break. The Apoxy Sculpt is something used by the taxidermy folks and will out last me. Anyway, that is all the hinting I can offer today but I will try my best to get some serious progression on the Haiti bear so she is up and ready for adoption ASAP!

Have a wonderful evening and I shall return as soon as I get all that needs doing done!

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