Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Queen is with the Queen

I have not posted a bear in a while... this one is not for sale but was the start of my new design. Her name is Queen Bolete named after the mushroom of the same name as she is a nice mushroom colour. She is made from a beautiful thick mohair and has nice leather eyelids. Her face is both needle and scissor sculpted and she contains a growler which is something my grandmother Mary used in all her bears. I made this gal for my Mum who is the Queen Mum of the Red Hat Society in her chapter.

I made her a pretty Victorian Ribbon work broach with some nice Japanese glass beads that can be moved and worn wherever she wants. I was really happy with this large bear of 16"!

I am working on three new bears at the moment so I will try to have a picture of one soon who will hopefully also be ready for adoption!

Creatively Yours


  1. I love this bear, not only do I love her fur, but her face. The way you have sculpted her face is perfect. She is really beautiful.

  2. Thanks Joanne. I accepted your friend invitation today on Facebook. I did not get over to your blog today with all my organizing but I will pop over tomorrow! Have a great night!