Friday, January 8, 2010

My Butcher hurt his eye

Well, I got home today with good intentions of heading to the gym and then making a wonderful post on here with images of new fabrics I picked out for my new block of the month quilt for my guild and some images or at least some words about how great my bears are coming along...

Instead I sit here with a finally sleeping pug on my lap who seems to have injured his eye while I was at work today. Pugs are prone to this sort of thing and you will often see one eyed pugs however we are very careful and have been luck so far. I am always prepared for this sort of thing or at least I try to be and have on hand an antibiotic in a gel form that you put right directly onto the eye. I did this immediately of course ... which stings! Then I picked him up and on my lap he stays. I have to guard the eye of him rubbing it etc and tonight Daddy is not home yet to help so ... here I am, pug snoring gently on my lap causing me to have very very little hand movement. I think he will be okay but I worry... he's my baby. I'll be back as soon as I can be.

Daddy's home.... here's a shot! Poor little man!

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