Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last Chistmas Celebration of the Year

Today was a really snowy day and we had our last Christmas which called for travelling approximately 2 hours north. The wind was wild and the snow gusts wicked but we managed to arrive on time and in one piece. It was a lovely visit with my father, step mother, grandmother and aunt, their two dogs, our two dogs, their cat and my aunts cat... how much more fun can one ask for. We had a beautiful turkey dinner with all the fixins and even better conversation and company.

I feel that if we are not careful, we allow the business of life to get in the way of the really important things like family and friends. This year my New Years resolution, well, one of them, is to do more with my family. They are all over the place and that is what has kept this from happening up until this point. The distance it takes to travel to them all takes a lot of time... but I have a plan. We can meet half way at times and see a movie or just simply have a tea/ coffee. We can meet for an hour and not a whole day and walk through the zoo to take photos of each other doing fun things like hugging and laughing. It's my plan so I hope I can get everyone else involved also... I'll have pictures if it all comes to be. Today was the first of many trips this year and it was glorious!

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