Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Beginning

Today was a good day and a surprising one. I barely got any sleep last night. After all that organizing my back was so sore that I just could not get comfortable... it happens sometimes. So needless to say when I woke up this morning, thankful for the couple hours sleep I did get, the first thing to pop into my mind was all the wine I had to lift and make as soon as I got into work today. It is our "Limited Edition" time of the year and so not only do I have the daily wines to make but also all the extra orders for the Limited Edition wine. For a brief moment I just wanted to cry. Then I remembered how very blessed I am. I have a family whom I love and they love me, I have a job which so many now have lost, I own my house and the list goes on. I made a choice to have a happy day no matter what I was feeling like physically. If we all lived like we were dieing would we have more GOOD days?

I was inspired yesterday by Joanne of Dessert Moon bears. She was blogging about her re-jointing and her aching hands and joints. It was very comforting to me to hear that I was not the only one who doesn't get it right the first time around. I was not happy to hear of her pain and do have a suggestion.... Joanne I know you'll be reading this tonight or tomorrow so hang in there and I will post the photo with name in a minute for the very VERY helpful gloves! But as I was saying Joanne inspired me to get on with it! I have three bears that I needed to re-joint that were also already stuffed, steel shot and all. So today I worked hard at work, I smiled and laughed with my customers and my family and I ripped out stuffing and undid joints. I got two bears un-stuffed and one re-jointed and one head that I had made that I did not like un-picked so I can rework it! It was good to take the first step to making things the way I want them to be.

This little man had an arm readjustment today and thought his arms are now attached in a pleasant way... he is in need of his stuffin'.

Now about those gloves... I have hand pain on occasion as I do a lot of heavy lifting as well as a lot of hand sewing with my bears and quilting so my hands get overused. I found these wonderful gloves and though they are not inexpensive, they seem to work for me, my husband and my Mother-in-law so who knows, maybe they will help you too. I like them because they don't have fingers and that means I can wear them and still work

These gloves are called Thermoskin and can be found at medical stores like Shoppers Drug Mart. We have a special Shoppers that is a home care centre but its all part of the same company.

I hope they are helpful for you and that you can find them.

Okay, gotta go as it is Pizza night tonight. My husband makes them and there are no other pizzas as good as his. I can smell the sweet yummy scent and my tummy is rumblin~

Till tomorrow
Ta ta
may you always be able to choose to have a good day!


  1. Hi Michelle, I am giggling here. I have worked around preteen kids for too long I am thinking. The pain of jointing is not really in my hands, it is in my "butt" Jointing and rejointing is a pain in my ....well you know where. Working with this age group for years has polished my sarcasm skills. But thanks for the glove tips, my daughter has problem with her wrists and she uses something similar.

  2. Hahahahaha... what a hoot! What can I say ? My brain is a little thick walled sometimes. I know what you mean about that kind of pain and I get that too... still laughing over here! I am sure the gloves will come in handy for someone though. Thanks for the laugh! Have a wonderful night!