Monday, January 4, 2010

Sort and Organize

Hi Everyone

So the plan tonight was to sort and organize my sewing area. It is coming along but slowly. It is good to get back into the routine and there is nothing like starting out with a nice organized area to work in.

I also spent some time trying to figure out how to add some side bars and lists to my blog of other blogs I like etc. Blogging is an art all on it's own as I have found out the hard way throughout last year... I am sorry to say I did not have much luck. I will continue to try and hopefully will soon have a more interesting layout with links to blogs that I love to read so you can check them out too. If anyone is listening out there and has some advice... here I am, ready and willing to learn!

I am reading a great book right now called "The Lovely Bones". Some of you may know it as the movie is being released soon but I have to tell you it is a very emotional book. It says on the cover not to start it if you cannot finish it so that gives me hope for a happier ending than the beginning.

I also got back to the gym today and now have the shaky muscles that follow a long break of working out. I did well over the holidays but you know, it is just not the holidays if you don't indulge and I feel that is A-okay. Enjoying life by eating chocolate or whatever you vise is important... so is getting back on track... but it was FUN while it lasted.

Now I have to get off this computer and get back to my organizing so that I can get back to my bears! Oh and speaking of that, did I mention that I will soon be starting a photography course? I want to take better shots of my bears and thought it might be a nice way to start the New Year... so hopefully you will soon see some really pretty, more artistic shots of the bears in the near future! Stay tuned and have a wonderful evening!

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