Sunday, January 10, 2010

So Tired ~

Hi Everyone:

So it has been a very productive day today but also a very long one and once again there was no bear making... but I must be close now... close to that sweet sweet time where I can sit and enjoy my peaceful moments with my furry little bears! Ahh, the thought of that time even makes me smile!

Okay so today I spent 11 hours cleaning, sorting, organizing and labelling everything in my little studio room in our basement. It is a job that is long over due and seeing as how I use that room to take the photos of my bears and my photography course is starting on the 19th so I needed to get this HUGE project done. I am exhausted but I am also thrilled to finally have it all completed!

Oh man, do any of you watch Extreme Makeover? I am already crying AGAIN and it has been on for 5 minutes! I love this show! I am aways so happy to see the families that have worked so hard, have felt loss and still continue to give, give, give... it is solely what I wish for the world. I wish we could all work together to make this world a better place. I wish I would never pick up the newspaper or turn on the news and read the horrible things that seem to be written about every single day. I know, I can here some of you now, "what a dreamer" right? But I really do believe we can make a change and make a difference in each others lives. Ah ... I'm rambling... see what happens when you write when you're to tired to stop your thoughts.

Here's a couple photos of the new clean organized studio!

I even hung a hang tag off my baskets and put a label on them too!


Love these new colourful bins! You can keep current projects sorted in them and carry one or two or whatever you need into a different area of the house to work on it! It is nice to have some colour in the studio. I don't have colour on the walls as it effects light and as an artist I need to see that I am working on and with for its true self without the colour of a particular environment influencing anything.


And lastly here is my very favourite shelf in the house


1st is for tradition and family, second is to remember my grandma Mary, third is the freedom to be you and individual in all your creativity and last but definitely not least is the love I have for my husband whose always got my back!

have a wonderful day tomorrow everyone... I'm off to soak in a hot tub... with bubbles!

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